Shooting on Location

Shadow Wine Bar

- A collection of images -

It’s important to understand how valuable it is to use good quality images, for all of your social media platforms for your brand / business, these platforms are like little websites representing your business. So why shouldn’t you treat it as such?

Shadow Wine Bar is a casual but sophisticated, fine dining, wine bar restaurant in Northbridge Perth CBD. Louisa Choi the Events/social media Manager commissioned me to come in and create some fresh content to use on Shadow Wine Bars website and social media platforms.


The venue was a little bit dark, even in mid daylight. One side of the restaurant has massive windows spanning right across, which let in some nice beautiful soft light but it restricted me in what angles I could shoot. The way I got around this was by bringing my own lighting set up to help bring the images to life, whilst keeping that Shadow atmosphere natural and true to the space.