Olivia & Alex

Alex Hotel

Perth // Wedding Shoot

I usually shy away from weddings, but when Olivia & Alex asked me to shoot their wedding I couldn't wait. They had a beautiful non-traditional wedding at Alex Hotel in Perth, surrounded by family and close friends. 

If I ever were to get into the wedding business, I would only shoot non-traditional weddings. It's more fun, quirky and the vibes are so much better and less serious which suits me perfectly.

The night before we all stayed at the hotel, woke up and had some breakfast together and went through the schedule for the day. After breakfast, we had some fun taking couple portraits around Alex Hotel, and we even managed to get their two dogs involved (Maverick & Django) Olivia's sister (Sarah) is a champion for being so good with bringing the dogs to the hotel and acting dog stylist for the day!

Olivia's beautiful wildflower bokeh was crafted by Rose & Bud, a niche Perth-based florist specializing in wedding and creative events.    

I delivered the images in this wooden box, which was specially made for Olivia & Alex by a local Fremantle carpenter Salt Wood Designswho uses recycled wood and crafts beautiful products that are made to last.